Virtual Reality for

Property Managers

Close the Sale Before Construction Ends

Whether you’re working to pre-lease or pre-sell high-end property, your biggest challenge is often helping potential tenants visualize what the property will look like after construction. Make the decision process easier. Let potential tenants walk the property using VR online, at events, and in the sales office. Foster an emotional connection to the space by letting them customize and make it their own. VR helps secure that final commitment to a new lease or purchase.

Win New Business

When it’s time to bring in new business, win clients by showing how you’ll leverage the latest technology to market their property. Once they experience it for themselves, they’ll understand your head start in creating buzz and excitement at events, in the office, and online.

VR for Property Managers


Over 98% of customers touring apartments in VR tell their friends and family about the experience


75% of tenants touring apartments in high-end VR believe the experience could replace a furnished model unit


Online listings receive 87% more views if they include a virtual tour

Companies using VR to help close sales

VR Helps These Companies Close Deals