Virtual Reality for

Sales & LEasing Agents

Enhance the Experience, Close the Sale

You’ve heard the hype about virtual reality but don’t know if it’s worth the investment. Here are three reasons to add this powerful sales tool to your arsenal:

1. Overcome fears

Use VR to pre-lease or pre-sell a space before and during construction by letting potential tenants immerse themselves in and interact with the property. Help them overcome fears about commitment to a space they’ve only seen in renderings. Go past layouts and site plans with VR and bring the space to life. The longer potential clients stay in virtual reality the more they’ll start feeling at home.

2. Create emotional connections

When potential tenants can own the space by customizing it with VR technology—changing layouts, floor levels, and building materials—it becomes their home. Establishing that emotional connection makes the commitment easier. Help your office or retail tenant understand how the project will impact the community so they know they’ll be part of something meaningful to their patrons and employees.

3. Engage the decision makers

Use VR to develop relationships and win new business by engaging decision makers at events or in your office. Immersive media gets them interested on the web and social media. Mobile VR intrigues them at an offsite event. And high-end VR closes the deal back at the sales office.

VR for Sales & Leasing Agents


Real estate sells or rents 10 times faster using VR services


Over 98% of customers touring apartments in VR tell their friends and family about the experience


Websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without

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