Atlas Bay VR


Most real estate companies know the benefits of VR but aren’t sure how to leverage the technology. Our industry experience and suite of turnkey VR solutions help you effectively and beautifully showcase your spaces to people in your office and around the world.

Beautiful storytelling

Atlas Bay VR is a real estate visualization company that specializes in using cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to bring your spaces to life. VR enhances communication with design teams, clients, and stakeholders at every level during the development and sales cycle. Atlas Bay VR helps create a more effective, memorable, and compelling story for your customers.

Full-service provider

We’re a full-service VR provider with turnkey solutions to make your job easier. Our services are unique, custom order solutions that range up to room-scale interaction that are immersive and emotionally engaging. With our experience in VR solutions for Real Estate, we guide you through the best ways to use this dynamic technology to enhance your business. We serve as free consultants during the process. Our quality services and products offer a luxurious experience perfect for your high end real estate projects.

In-house production

We do content production in-house, and strive for the highest visual quality and attention to detail possible. We want you to use VR as an effective communication medium and powerful sales tool. It’s not just cool. It’s real. We bring your spaces to life.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Cameron Abt

Founding Partner

Cameron Abt attended Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, graduating in 2010. As part of the Stevens’ Scholars program, he obtained a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Systems Engineering in four years.

Cameron was accepted into the Raytheon Leadership Development Program which helped turn him into a well-rounded broadly-educated engineer. As the Operations Capital Coordinator, he was responsible for managing $25M in manufacturing and facilities projects a year. Cameron moved into Raytheon’s Immersive Design Center, where he was responsible for integrated cutting edge VR technologies into the design cycle across engineering, operations, and facilities. Now he’s channelling that experience to design VR solutions for real estate problems.

He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, but will always have a soft spot for Boston, Massachusetts where he grew up.

Adam Chechila

Founding Partner

Adam Chechila holds Bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. After working in industry, he enrolled in the MBA program at the University of North Carolina, graduating with a concentration in Real Estate Development.

Adam has experience working with NASA at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX where he helped train astronauts in pre-launch evacuation procedures and managed flight hardware for Space Shuttle missions. After moving to Tucson, Adam worked as a manufacturing engineer for the defense contractor Raytheon, overseeing missile production. During his MBA, Adam interned for the Alliance Residential Company in Atlanta, a national multifamily real estate development firm. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Adam currently lives in Atlanta.

Atlas Bay VR leads the industry


We specialize exclusively in VR for real estate, guiding you to the best ways to use VR in your cases.

Commitment to Quality

Our products have a luxury, high quality feel, perfect for luxury and high end real estate.

Turn-key Solutions

We are a full-service VR provider with turnkey solutions, not just a single point solution.


Our solutions are focused on your bottom line, committed to helping you achieve your sales goals.

Best Technology

We utilize the most modern technology, hardware, software and processes.


For situations where one-size-fits-all doesn't work, we custom-build experiences to-order.