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Student Housing

Streamline the Design Process

Mobile VR uses dedicated hardware and a custom app to provide a portable 3D experience. Compact size and low cost enables you to take advantage of VR at trade shows and conventions. Allow remote teams to connect immersively for low cost. Introduce potential clients to VR and win new business by setting yourself apart. We use the new Google Daydream and Gear VR for standout performance and a professional look.

Elevate Your Brand at Events

Your company likely attends annual trade shows, conferences, and conventions. Use VR to showcase your work and draw a crowd. Giving potential partners a VR tour aligns them with your vision and leaves them with a memorable experience. Create a buzz. Standout.

Sell Your Vision

When you’re ready to secure buy-in from stakeholders, get equipped to sell your vision to potential investors and senior managers with a cutting-edge VR experience that lets them feel it. There may be times when you need to win over community support or the local zoning commissions. Immerse the decision-makers in the potential project. Don’t just show it to them. Let them experience it.

A man with a VR headset on with his hands in the air


95% of users believe VR gives real estate professionals a competitive advantage


3X more defects are caught in-phase with VR technologies


75% of Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands use some form of virtual reality