Collaboration ToolsUse your visualization for more than just marketing.

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Communication Made Easy

Don't rely on floorplans and elevations to understand and explain your project. Tour leadership, team members, and specialty contractors through the design to get everyone on the same page now.

A view of our collaborative design and review tool called Sizzle

Include Attachments

Upload images and attachments to illustrate your point or question. Material is linked and saved for easy access by all.

Our collaboration tool, Sizzle, showing how you can include attachments in comments

Track Revision History

Our visualizations are always up-to-date to the latest drawings and design. Previous revisions are kept to review changes, track decisions, and provide historical context.

Our collaboration tool, Sizzle, showing how you can check out different revisions

Tool Features

In-app Markup

Use the included markup tools to comment, draw, and communicate directly with others about issues.

Easy Sharing

Send a publicly accessible link to anyone for view-only access to aid in their understanding of the design.

Control Access

Use fine grained control to keep unapproved revisions separate from those that need to access the current set.

Accessible Anywhere

Wherever you or your prospects are, our tours are available whether on desktop, laptop, mobile devices, or even leasing office touchscreens.

Hosting Included

No hidden hosting fees. We use a global content delivery network to provide fast access and resilient content hosting.

Unlimited Users

Invite the entire development, design, construction, and marketing teams to view the project. Allow them to and ask & answer questions early and often.