Virtual RealityReality. Made to order.

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High-End VR Experiences

Wow your clients and customers with the best experience out there. Using a room-scale headset and tracked controllers, they’re free to explore, customize, and experience an unbuilt or remote property like never before. Stir their emotions when they step out on the balcony, visit a pristine amenity, or take in actual sunset footage from the property. The best option for your leasing process, this dynamic adventure sells your vision by giving customers a unique experience.

Mobile VR Experiences

Mobile VR uses dedicated hardware and a custom app to provide a portable 3D experience. Compact size and low cost enables you to take advantage of VR at trade shows and conventions. Allow remote teams to connect immersively for low cost. Introduce potential clients to VR and win new business by setting yourself apart. We use the new Oculus Quest 2 for standout performance and a professional look.

A woman excited to be wearing a VR headset
A man with a VR headset on with his hands in the air
A woman excited to be in a VR headset with a man sitting next to her


Showcase the real world space with an online digital representation. Matterport is a low cost option for finished buildings. Similar to a Web-based Virtual Tour, users can engage online with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Want to see it in VR? A mobile headset gives the client or customer a full 360° 3D experience. Rooms and views feel so real, it’s like being there.


Hardware Purchase, Lease, and Support

You don’t need to know everything about the technology to begin using VR. We sell, lease, and support what you need to start seeing the benefits, including the VR gear and a high powered PC. We’ll train your staff to use it in the office and at events for development or leasing efforts. We provide support throughout, answering questions, addressing concerns, and resolving any issues that may arise.

We use the HTC Vive to provide the most professional VR experience on the market today. Full headset and controller tracking with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) lets users intuitively interact with the environment. Easy to install, unobtrusive sensors and wires create a professional appearance to keep the user focused on your content.

An HTC Vive headset and accessories

Event support

If you’re new to or aren’t quite comfortable using high-end VR technology, we can help. We provide on-call and on-site support for your event, whether you’re doing a business presentation or at a trade-show. We’ll bring hardware to your meeting, booth, or event, and help run the system so you can focus on engaging clients or winning new business.